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2017 Schedule and Workshops!

Hey look!

ipf-2017-line-up-teaserWe are ready to go for 2017. All the acts and event tickets are up on the schedule page. All the workshops are up on the workshop page. We’ve got performers from Edmonton, Montreal, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, and of course, Austin. Now all we have to do is wait.

Oh, and passes! Only $45, y’all.

So poke around, read up on the groups, and get excited.

We’re Moving! 2017 Dates Announced!


Announcement Time!

We’re moving the Improvised Play Festival in 2017 from its usual spot in mid-April to the end of February.

So the festival will be February 23-25th.

This will give us some breathing room between the festival and The Marathon in June, and give us a 1st quarter anchor event.

We’re currently talking to a number of out of town acts and hope to be able to announce them soon.

Quinn Buckner, the festival producer, and Artistic Director Roy Janik have some exciting stuff in the works, so stay tuned.

Know of something you think would be the PERFECT fit for The Improvised Play Festival? Let us know about it via the suggestion form.

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Announcing the 2016 Lineup

Announcing the 2016 lineup of shows! We’re particularly excited to have groups from London, Seattle, and Vancouver coming this year!

Click the Schedule link or the image above to see the whole lineup!


2016 Dates Announced!

The dates of the 2016 Improvised Play Festival will be April 14th-16th this year.

We’re still in the process of figuring out the lineup, but we’re very excited to announce that Jules and Heather from the United Kingdom will be returning with their show, Ten Thousand Million Love Stories. They were a huge hit when they came last time, and they’ll be performing shows and teaching workshops this time around.

Know of something you think would be the PERFECT fit for The Improvised Play Festival? Let us know about it via the suggestion form. IPF is a curated festival, so while we don’t have open submissions, we are very keen to hear your ideas.

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It’s the fifth year of the festival, and our best lineup yet! Click the image to see our full schedule.ipf-2015-fb-ad-collage-photo

The 2015 Lineup is here!

yearfiveLadies and gentlemen,

Please get excited for the 2015 Improvised Play Festival lineup. Because there’s a lot to get excited about.

First off, our good friends The Dahl House, Nothing and Everything, and The Fitzgeralds Save The World are returning for one last show each.

Second, Jon Bolden​ and Steve Moore​ of Physical Plant Theatre are colluding on a special project called The Half-Written Play, where the first half is a scripted new work by Steve, and the second half is improvised.

Speaking of Steve, he’s also been working with PGraph on a new format/show called Box & String, which will debut at the fest.

Our out of town guests are insane, too. Jinni Lyons from LONDON is coming with her solo show. Vinny Francois​ from Montreal is directing a duo show about relationships and breakups (he’ll hold auditions and rehearsals here). The Black Lodge from Seattle is bringing their improvised Twin Peaks show, and it’s directed by Elizabeth Brammer​!

PLUS, Jill Bernard​ is coming down to teach a FIVE HOUR solo workshop, perform her one woman musical Drum Machine, and host a solo showcase.

Add to that Golden (the what will then be the current Student Mainstage), Hurly friggin’ Burly, The Escorts, Confidence Men, Waiting for Batman, and Danger! Warning! Improv!, and you’ve got a hell of a lineup.

Here it is in less rambly form:

Thursday, April 9th:
8pm: The Dahl House
9pm: The Half-Written Play, a Physical Plant Theater & Jon Bolden Project
10pm: Jinni Lyons is an Only Child (UK)
11pm: The Fitzgeralds Save the World

Friday, April 10th:
8pm: Nothing and Everything
8:30pm: The Black Lodge (Seattle)
9:30pm: It’s Not You, It’s Me (Montreal)
10pm: Hurly Burly
10:30pm: PGraph presents Box and String

Saturday, April 11th:
6pm: Golden
8pm: Austin Secrets
8:30pm: Confidence Men
9:30pm: The Black Lodge (Seattle)
10pm: The Escorts / Drum Machine (Minneapolis)
10:30pm: Jinni Lyons (UK) /Danger! Warning! Improv! / Waiting for Batman

Sunday, April 12th:
5:30pm: Solo Showcase

View the complete schedule here.

Passes and Workshops for 2013

TTMLS_Vintage 10Big news! Here are a couple of “firsts” for the Improvised Play Festival.

For the first time ever, we are offering festival passes that will get you into every show. They are only $45, and that includes admission to every show over the course of the 3 days.

For improvisers, there’s another first: workshops! Specifically, Jules and Heather from the United Kingdom are teaching a 3 hour workshop on Finding Love in Improv and Improvising Love Stories. That’s Saturday, April 13th from noon to 3pm, for $35.

Interview with the Sarge of Bunker 13

Roy here.

Bunker 13 is an improv group from Seattle that is coming down for the Improvised Play Festival. They do a completely improvised show set in the midst of the Vietname War. Fatigues, cammo, explosions, and letters from home are the order of the day.

In anticipation of their upcoming show, I asked Mike Christensen, the creator of Bunker 13, some questions. As the director, it’s only fitting that in the show his character is “Sarge”.

ROY: How did Bunker 13 get its start, and what was the motivation behind it?

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Schedule and Tickets Are Available

Stay tuned for the announcement of the 2013 lineup. For now, browse the acts that were part of the 2012 festival.