Start Trekkin

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Show: Start Trekkin
Time: Saturday, February 25th, 8:00pm

trekkinSpace, the final frontier . . .

The intrepid cast members of Start Trekkin are boldly going where they’ve been a few times before with their wildly popular improvised parody of a certain classic 1960s sci-fi series.

A crew of Austin’s finest improvisers take the stage in full Federation uniform and, based on audience suggestions, create a wholly original “episode” set in the Star Trek Universe. Expect melodramatic acting, aliens in bad wigs, paper mache rocks and transparent social allegories. But don’t expect James T. Kirk or the USS Enterprise; this is a different ship and crew, but somewhere in the same galaxy.

Join us as we celebrate and send up one of the greatest television shows of all time. Laugh long and prosper.

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