Rapid Fire Theatre’s Folk Lordz

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Group: Rapid Fire Theatre’s Folk Lordz
Hometown: Edmonton, Canada
Show: Thursday, February 23rd, 8pm & Saturday, February 25th, 10:30pm
Cast: Ben Gorodetsky, Todd Houseman

“one of the most interesting, compelling and viscerally thrilling pieces of theatre you’ll see this season” -Mooney on Theatre, 2015

folk-lordsFolk storytelling gets an electric-shock of physical improv comedy in Folk Lordz! A critically-acclaimed fusion of Indigenous origin myths, Russian Chekhovian character drama, and a surprise genre chosen anew each night combined to create fast, physical, and folksy improvised theatre.

Folk Lordz have been featured at Atlanta’s Last Seen Comedy Festival, Philadelphia’s DuoFest, Toronto’s Combustion Festival, the Vancouver International Improv Festival, Winnipeg’s Gas Station Arts Centre, Edmonton’s Thousand Faces Festival of Mythic Art & LitFest, and Fringe festivals across Canada. They are the recipients of two Cultural Diversity in the Arts awards from the Edmonton Arts Council.

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