Group: Process
Show: Friday, February 24th, 8:30pm

Cast: Rob Yoho, Rachel Austin, Ace Manning, Courtney Hopkin, Haley Alea Erickson, Curtis Luciani, Katie Dahm, JR Zambrano


Ever wondered just how a play gets off the ground?

PROCESS takes a warmly satirical look at the act of creating live scripted theatre.

Picture this: Each week our company of improvisers will take on the roles of actors, directors, scenic designers, stage managers, tech crew, and even stage hands preparing for the debut of a play. We’ll see them work together to keep the show afloat, from bombing and nailing their auditions, rehearsing their lines, blocking out their staging, all the way to performing their parts big and small on opening night. The egos! The drama! The drama in drama!

The catch? There is no actual script to work off of. The dialogue, characters, setting, and action of the play is completely improvised in the moment, based off of your suggestions during the show. And to make PROCESS even more excitingly risky, each show will culminate in a fully realized final act – complete with costumes, make-up, multiple sets, and props – all created and collected during the course of the show as it is being writ.

Come be a part of live theatre at its very freshest and funniest!


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