Physics Curse Presents The Witching Hour

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Show: Physics Curse Presents The Witching Hour
Time: Thursday, February 23rd, 10pm

“The show was such a cool blend of creepy and charming…Physics Curse has the unique ability to toe that line and keep the audience giggling yet nervous/tense…”

pcurseBased out of Austin, Texas, Physics Curse combines the talents of Ann Symmonds, Aspen Webster, Rachel Austin and Rose Frezza.

In The Witching Hour, Physics Curse explores the ghosts of our past and the myths of our childhood that reside in the shadows of our cozy homes and make us a little uneasy as we walk to our car in darkness or jump as we hear our house creak in the wind. In this narrative improv show, Physics Curse invites the audience to reflect on their personal experiences of ghosts, unexplained noises, stories that made their hair stand on end, and with a few suggestions from the audience, Physics Curse weaves a story grounded in our own reality but shadowed with the those things lurking in the darkness just beyond our reach.

Rose Frezza
Ann Symmonds
Aspen Webster
Rachel Austin


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