Strange Worlds

Group: Strange Worlds

Show: Friday, April 11th, 9:30pm

graphic from the original 2013 run of Strange Worlds

Enter a world of two-fisted justice and wide-eyed wonder, a world of weird menace and mad science, a world of pulse-pounding peril and thrilling adventure! Welcome to STRANGE WORLDS, an improvised pulp hero anthology! Inspired by such iconic characters as The Shadow and Doc Savage, every episode of STRANGE WORLDS presents a thrilling tale set in a simpler time of heroes and villains, marvels and monsters…performed in the tradition of dime novels, radio serials and Saturday matinees, where high stakes action, drama, romance, and danger reign supreme!

“When you come to Strange Worlds, you will see a show that is true to those thrilling
stories of old, but which has a vital and hilarious energy that can only come being
improvised in the moment,” said Hideout Theatre Artistic Director Roy Janik.

This show is directed by Jordan T. Maxwell. The ensemble includes: Jessica Arjet, Andreas Fabis, Alexander Hilary, Marc Majcher, Jayme Ramsay, and Lacy Shawn.