Breaking Beckett

Show: Thursday, April 10th, 2014, 9pm

beckett“I pause to record that I feel in extraordinary form.” – Samuel Beckett

As human beings, we’ve gotten too damn comfortable being walled up and protected. We need to get a hell of a lot better at cutting the BS and proclaiming “Here I am with all my crap, flawed and imperfect I dare you to see me.” That statement is at the core of Breaking Beckett.

Director and producer Bob Olmstead will examine the moments that keep us from that freedom: moments of heartbreak or overwhelming despair, childhood innocence lost, the shame of our most serious mistakes, all filtered through the work of Samuel Beckett. Inspired by but not beholden to the author’s absurdist one-act plays, the actors will adhere to the choreography of the pieces while following their own improvised storylines. This will both honor the playwright and sacrilegiously go against his scripted wishes, for a unique exploration of the light and dark edges of human experience that will only ever be witnessed by that night’s audience.

Produced and Directed by Bob Olmstead, starring Marc Majcher, Jayme Ramsay and Ryan Hill.