Bunker 13 from Seattle

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Group: Bunker 13

Friday, April 15th, 8:30PM
Saturday, April 16th, 9:30PM

Steve Lange
Conor McNassar
Mike Christensen
Ryan Miller
Dan Zertuche


Bunker 13 is a personal look at the lives and friendships of five soldiers during their downtime in the Vietnam War, as they await orders, get letters from home and combat their homesickness.Bunker 13 is improvised. The cast will use suggestions from the audience to create the stories of the soldiers. No two nights will ever be the same.

Bunker 13 is created and directed by Mike Christensen, a U.S. Army veteran and improviser with 20 years of experience. Christensen’s desire in creating Bunker 13 is “that people get a better idea of what the life of a soldier is like…what they go through, that way we can make more informed decisions when we send people to war. And that they understand the bond that is created between these soldiers, and the gallows humor that is abundant.”

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