Austin/Austin in Ships and Shanties

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Show: Austin/Austin in Ships and Shanties
Time: Thursday, February 23rd, 10pm

Austin/Austin - Out of Bounds 2015 9/1/2015

Lo! What dangers lie beyond that dark and stormy sea? Just listen, sailor! Hear the songs of Sirens and the growl of whale bellies echo.

Look! See the lightning splinter against a lone ship and cast the silhouette of tentacles. What fantastic and grim tales lie in the rigging of danger? What cataclysm calls you forth from the crows nest of open water?

Find out with Austin/Austin in Ships and Shanties! Austin/Austin (Ryan Austin and Quinn Buckner) is the joining of two friends whose goal is to try everything and become the best they can be while having as much fun as possible

Ryan Austin
Quinn Buckner


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